Refried Friday – Food

Refried Friday is a regular feature of 1CL in which I share posts, articles, and other “stuff” I came across and think you might enjoy too.

It’s rare to meet a person that doesn’t enjoy eating, and those rare people who don’t enjoy it probably still spend a fair amount of time thinking about it.  So I’m not going to try to claim that my interest in food is unique, but I will say that since adopting our healthy lifestyle, I probably spend more time reading and learning about food, cooking, and nutrition than I ever have before.  And here are some things I’ve found interesting and/or helpful recently:

  • At the end of the year, Yahoo! posted a list of the 5 most dramatic food price hikes in 2011.  (Maybe I should have included it in my “Top 10” post.)
  • Interested to know how to make that expensive food last?  Check out StillTasty.
  • A guest post on Premeditated Leftovers gave tips not only on reducing food waste, but also on reducing electricity costs.
  • I am a sucker for (short) lists of foods I should be eating.  Here’s one of many from EatingWell.  How many of them are you eating?
  • Since we cook a lot, I found Real Simple’s slideshow on cooking myths interesting.  Until I read it, I still thought about half of the myths were truths.
  • This week Andrew Wilder at EatingRules! posted a free PDF to help us keep the various cooking oils sorted out.  It’s pretty cool.

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